What is the Mission of Apostoli Viae?

Question: What is the Mission of Apostoli Viae?

Answer: The mission of the Apostles of the Way is to live, light, and lead the Way to union with God.

  • To Live the Way is to understand, embrace, and joyfully live the contemplative life.
  • To Light the Way is to joyfully witness to, reveal, and teach the contemplative path.
  • To Lead the Way is to generously serve and guide pilgrims on the path.

3 thoughts on “What is the Mission of Apostoli Viae?”

  1. This is a beautiful mission. I’m afraid I’m still working on number one, living the way. Even still, I try to point others to the way of prayer. I’m not able to do much more than point to the road as I’m just beginning on the path myself. But should I continue in AV, I would hope to one day be more of a help to others. Like the Avila Institute, I see the great need for AV. Our world is lost in darkness and prayer is the means by which we draw near to the Light.

  2. John, I believe that you contribute to AV in a very powerful way. Your insights, your honesty, even your sense of humor are so welcomed in our discussions. Don’t you think that God will call any number of people to participate, with a variety of talents to be a part of AV? I hope so anyway.


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