Does Apostoli Viae provide regular formation for its members?

Question: Does Apostoli Viae (AV) provide regular formation for its members?

Answer: Yes! AV intends to provide a specific path of formation in keeping with both the charism and the apostolic works central to AV. Here is an initial/example list of formation paths AV envisions:

  • The Way of Participation in the Mysteries: How can I fully engage with the sacramental and liturgical rhythm of the Church, worship God more completely, and gain the benefits of all the gifts provided therein?
  • The Way of Prayer: What is the spectrum of prayer in the Church, where am I within that spectrum, and how can I grow in prayer and union with God? How can I teach others to pray?
  • The Way of Ascesis: What is the path of self-giving and how can I travel that path as I grow in union with God? This ascesis includes the practice of sacred study or study of sacred doctrine.
  • The Way of Community: What is my need for and relationship to a community of disciples in AV?
  • The Way of Discipleship and Spiritual Direction: What does it mean to be a disciple of Christ within AV and how does that relate to Spiritual Direction?
  • The Way of Discernment: What does it mean to be awake and spiritually aware and engaged in my own spiritual growth and in my service to others?
  • The Way of Spiritual Direction: How does the Way frame and provide spiritual direction that is specific to the charism and also provide an environment where each individual can grow in union with God? What is spiritual direction and how can I participate in it effectively and thereby lead others in the same way?

As of the writing of this post, some of these programs are complete or are provided through approved use of materials that exist in the Church that are complimentary to the unique elements of the AV charism. Many of the elements of these programs are already available through the Avila Institute.


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      1. Dear Judy. In our next AVE Meeting I will describe the specific approach to formation for Sojourners but we won’t have time to go over all the programs. As a norm, for those who are participating at a particular point in their development, the programs will be part of formation and this is how folks will learn more. If you have a more specific question maybe I can better answer interests.

  1. One of the slides tonight mentioned that AV members will seek to light the way for ”the poor”. Presumably that includes the materially poor but I have the sense that your primary meaning is those who have never encountered Jesus Christ, whether they identify themselves as Christians or not. How do you define ”the poor”? At my Parish, we have had many conversations about how to awaken the desire for God of those who are lukewarm (and thus desperately poor)….


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