What is required of me to associate with Apostoli Viae beyond the Sojourner phase?

Question: What is required of me to associate with Apostoli Viae (AV) beyond the Sojourner phase?

Answer: At the foundational level, a clear and resolute “yes” to God emanates from the hearts of all associated with AV – especially those who desire to deepen their association. This “yes” manifests itself in a strong desire to grow spiritually and in specific ways that are compatible with the AV charism. Note that this state of soul is clear in its commitment but this does not mean that there is a perfect manifestation of the various attributes of the plan of love proposed for a Sojourner. What it does mean is that there is clear progress and desire. The child of God in each stage of the AV journey is not necessarily marked by perfection, though that may be the goal, but instead by progress and commitment related to the plan of love of every new aspect of the ascent. Beyond these foundational realities, here are a few elements and/or characteristics that are important for a Sojourner to progress in association:

  • Sacraments: Mass every Sunday and confession monthly. Without these these foundational commitments, spiritual growth is not likely.
  • Daily Prayer: 10-15 minutes of daily mental prayer.
  • Spiritual Reading: 10 minutes of daily spiritual reading – complete reading of the Catechism.
  • Magisterium: Unreserved commitment to all teachings of the Church.
  • AV Formation: Those who desire deeper association must build deeper relationships and formation. These come through regular participation in formation opportunities.
  • AV Charism: A strong draw to the unique spiritual and apostolic elements of Apostoli Viae and clear evidence of the disposition of those who have had an authentic encounter with God. All AV members must be, as a norm, outwardly collaborative, positive and joyful in their life and faith. Stated negatively, AV is not the place for the dour, sour, or combative. One of the most telling signs of an authentic encounter with God is that we manifest the fruits of the spirit – love – joy – peace – patience – kindness – faithfulness – gentleness – self-control. (Galatians 5:22-23)

5 thoughts on “What is required of me to associate with Apostoli Viae beyond the Sojourner phase?”

  1. Thanks, Dan, for making things a little clearer; but I do have a question regarding your statement regarding various attributes of the plan of love proposed for the Sojourner. Because I have been following a Plan of Love for some time, and recently using the AV sheets for this, will you be going over what a Plan of Love might typically look like at this stage of the ascent, and or what elements could be added to this current Plan of Love that would aid in further progress in the association?

  2. My guess is that you have stated elements or characteristics of a Sojourner to progress in association are the minimum requirements, such as Sunday Mass attendance, Communion once a month, daily prayer and spiritual reading etc. All that you have stated seems to me to be a Rule of Life or Plan of Love to be built upon as we go forward. Please correct me if I’m misunderstanding. Thank you Dan for the answer to my question. 🙂


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