Self-Delusion and Godward Self-Awareness

The human person has an infinite capacity for self-delusion and little innate capacity for authentic self-knowledge.

Even so, as we draw near to Him in prayer and reflection, His light pierces our darkness and reveals the path of a liberating Godward self-awareness. This life-giving but stinging clarity reveals our profound need and draws our heart to cry out for forgiveness and healing.

This movement to humility and reliance upon God discovers the outstretched hand of Jesus that not only draws us out of the abyss of sin but then to His gentle embrace.  It is near His compassionate heart that He whispers, “I know you. I love you. I will heal you… if you will allow it.”

Don’t run. Lean into your pain. You will find Him there. “Be not afraid.” He has proven Himself worthy of your trust.

6 thoughts on “Self-Delusion and Godward Self-Awareness”

  1. This distinction came up in our Intro to Spiritual Direction class at the Avila Institute. It’s a constant challenge for me. I’m hoping to get some clarity in the upcoming Discernment of Spirits class. Meanwhile, I’ll be circling back around on myself a lot. Bishop Robert Barron talks about the medieval wheel of fortune imagery, as an insight into our need to not be tethered to the ups and downs of life. I wonder if the wheel also might be an analog to the prayer life — getting too attached to the particular daily currents and eddies of individual prayer sessions, rather than resting in the Holy Spirit. Anyone else have this feeling?
    Sure, I need to attend to the movements of the Spirit. But perhaps for me, that tends to drift into spiritual isolation, where I am “brooding over the waters of an artificial lake,” as Merton put it. Antidote: make a “movement to humility and reliance upon God.” Thank you Dan.

  2. “This life-giving but stinging clarity”. Yes beautifully stated and so true. But liberating as you mentioned and the embrace one receives from out Lord when we surrender ourself over to Him is the beginning and the continuation of the most awesome relationship one will ever have! Allow it-surrender (daily) to that embrace and live!

  3. Thank you! I needed this. It affirms for me: As we turn to God with prayerfulness, openness, and docility and make the choice to pick up our cross and carry it, God’s blessing is there! The blessing of His love, His grace, and His forgiveness.

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