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It Is Not for Ourselves

It is very important to remember during these few days before Christmas that we never receive any grace for ourselves alone but for the building up of the entire Mystical Body. How wonderful is our vocation as Christians! How glorious is our heritage! In spite of weakness, of all our defects and faults, we are chosen to rekindle charity and set it aflame, to let it shine brighter, that redemption be more effective for the whole Body of Christ.

Since the mysteries of God are always living and active now, a real birth of the Word will occur in our souls. The Author of grace will come to reign within us more profoundly, more fully, and consequently, He will reach others effectively through us. The service God asks of us is simply to exhale the fragrant odor of Christ who lives in us, to radiate the eternal light, and to spread the fire enkindled in our hearts. In other words, to be transparent, to be in the translucent appearance of our Lord who lives in us.

It is not for ourselves that we live but for all, for those who sit in the shadow of death so that they may be converted and live. We also live for those who are already saints so that their sanctity may increase still more.

Mother Marie des Douleurs, O.S.B.