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Prayer for an Unequally Yoked Marriage

Beloved and merciful Lord, I beg you by the merits of Jesus life, death, and perfect offering for the sins of all mankind, to pour out your mercy upon my spouse. Please rescue them from whatever binds them and keeps them from saying “yes” to you. Set them free to know and love you and to know the freedom and peace that only comes when we give ourselves to you.

By your grace, help me to be a perfect witness to your love, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, and self-control to my spouse. Reveal to me anything that I habitually believe, say, or do that could in any way hinder their path to you.

Give me wisdom and insight regarding how I can love them in a way that they receive love and give myself to them with abandon. Help me to fight like Heaven against anything that would keep them from you and especially things that come from within me, or out of me.

Most blessed Trinity I beg you to help me to embrace any cross of loneliness or heartache that you may ask me to carry due to our division and to offer up the pain of this separation for the salvation of their soul. Help me to find my sustenance in you and to joyfully serve them and bear witness to your light and love in my life in a way that is so compelling that they are irresistibly drawn to you so that we can grow together to know, love, worship and follow you in this life, and the next. Amen.