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A Prayer for the Church

Dear Friends on the Way – These are very challenging times in the Church. Please pray for the Church daily. I invite you to use this prayer from the Apostoli Viae prayer book (given to those who make their first commitment in association).

Mary – Mother of the Church, Guardian Angels of the Church, our parish, and diocese, St. Peter – Father of the Church, St. Joseph – Protector of the Church, we beseech you to join with us in prayer for the Pope, Cardinals, Bishops, leaders, and all Apostoli Viae members around the world.

Merciful Father, we beg You by Your boundless love, Jesus’ passion and death, and this meager act of prayer and sacrifice, to penetrate, regenerate, and encourage the hearts of all these leaders and especially bishop __________ our priests __________ religious, deacons, educators, and leaders of our parish and diocese and those whom they serve. Set them continually on fire with a faithful submissive and compelling love for Christ and His Church. Pour out your Holy Spirit of mercy on them.

Bring life, discipline, healing, repentance, and holy passion to those who need to turn their hearts to you. Lift up those who work to serve and submit to You, Your Church, and Your magisterium. Encourage them, strengthen them, bless them, and make their joyful voices heard as they live and proclaim Your marvelous truth and love. We beg you to silence, expose, and make of no effect those who will not repent and who sew sin, rebellion, discord, confusion and untruth in the Body of Christ.

Most Holy and Blessed Trinity, grant us permission and the means to humbly and effectively serve Your glorious church in and through our parish and diocese. Open the doors and hearts necessary to allow us to see and serve those whom You are drawing ever more deeply into Your care. Help us to humbly and energetically love and serve them, as we would You.

Glory be to the Father, to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. Amen.