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Good Hope and Your Prayer

Dear Friends on the Way:

I am just now home from providing a retreat to Catholic CEO’s in one of the most beautiful lodges I have ever seen. The facility was stunning. The beauty of God’s design in nature was breathtaking.

The day before I left I went to the doctor and had my lung capacity tested – 50%. That wasn’t fun. The doc said to stay indoors. If you look at the photos below, you might think that was difficult. But while the guys were hunting, fishing, golfing and shooting in between talks on the interior life, I sat in my little Cabin called “Good Hope.” I prayed the hours, prayed for them, prayed for wisdom, worked on my talks, and rested – an introverts dream – the perfect excuse to hide away for days.

I can’t reveal all that God did but suffice it to say that the presence of the Lord was very strong, even beginning in the airport. Graces continued to flow throughout the retreat. Souls turned from the edge or over the edge (only God knows). Souls far from the edge helped even further. Testimonies. Peace. Conversation. Encouragement. Friendship. Closed hearts to open hearts. Mass. Reconciliation. Adoration. Rosary…

I was also blessed to spend three hours alone over two days with one of most influential laymen in the Church for the past twenty years. He was deeply affected by Navigating the Interior Life, and I rejoice in God using that book and his spiritual director to lead him to a holy hour every day and more. God is good.

I am grateful to be back. Thank you for your prayers. Please remember these good men in your prayers. All of them made significant and specific commitments to increase their prayer lives and seek out spiritual directors. The enemy will be at work in the coming days, and they need your prayer cover to have a chance of following through on their commitments.

Unum est Necessarium – Dan