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If you are a visitor to this site welcome! All are welcome to read the posts and benefit from the Apostolic works and service of Apostoli Viae. Please review our FAQs below to answer your questions and determine if you should request membership to this site:

Question: Why was my membership request rejected?

Answer: Here are the most common reasons membership requests are rejected:
– Failure to complete profile
– Failure to upload photo
– Person is a member another religious/spiritual community

Question: Can I be a member of this site if I am already a member of a third order or other religious community with a specific spirituality or rule of life?

Answer: While we, as part of our mission, embrace and seek to advance all faithful and authentic expressions of Catholic spirituality, Apostoli Viae is a private association of the faithful that proposes a unique contemplative rule of life that cannot be embraced while at the same time one is dedicated to another kind of spirituality or rule of life. See the post  Club or Charism for more insight on this question.