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Is Apostoli Viae an Actual Order?

Question: Is Apostoli Viae (AV) an actual order, not a society, in the sense that one can only be a professed member of 1 order and could therefore not be a member of any other Church order and AV?

Answer: AV is, at present, can be compared to a flower breaking through the snow of spring. This means that we are a brand new emerging work of the Holy Spirit. Those reading this in August of 2016 are among the first to witness this emergence with AV. Thus, canonically, AV is in a stage known as a Private Association of the Faithful. We are just beginning and the canonical statues are in development under the oversight our Bishop. This status is the starting point of many “orders” and of many organizations that intend to follow God’s call to become a full fledged “order.” As best as we can discern at this point, our intent is to have lay, religious, priests, and sisters/nuns as part of our charism. Here’s a good primer on the topic of our current path: http://www.catholiccanonlaw.com/associations.pdf