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What If I Am Not Naturally a Joyful Person – Can I Still Be a Part of AV?

Question: What If I Am Not Naturally a Joyful Person? Can I still be apart of Apostoli Viae?

Answer from Dan: For those who may not be aware, we embrace the admonition to “count it all joy” and to live a life of outward joy as an act of love to God and to those around us even in the midst of challenging circumstances.

You might be surprised to know that even after a dramatic conversion to Christ that I received the “Scrooge Award” and that I had the nickname of “Nuke” which is short for “nuclear” all while I was working at a Christian organization. Something has clearly changed in me since then – thank God.

So, the issue isn’t whether or not we fail from time to time or whether or not we are naturally inclined to a positive disposition. The issue really is the willingness to fight to love others in a way that transcends our suffering and feelings. Anyone who becomes formally involved with the Way must recognize and embrace this call to joy and then fight like heaven to live it.