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Solemnity of St. Teresa of Avila – October 2017

Beloved on the Way: Today is the Solemnity of Saint Teresa of Avila, Virgin and Doctor of the Church, Our Spiritual Mother

In the Apostoli Viae Chapel of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, a first-class relic of St. Teresa is honored and we pray the Liturgy of the Hours using the Carmelite Propers. The prayers offered today are, as always, for your intentions and needs.

Today we ask for the special intercession of St. Teresa that we may give all that we are to live the contemplative life, light the way to others, and lead and serve all who desire Him, until we see Him face to face.


The hymn of Morning Prayer

All hail the say Teresa’s soul
Wings like a snowy dove its way
From Alba’s cell toward the goal
Of all blest spirits: Hail the day!

She hears her Bridegroom’s welcome fair:
“Come, my beloved sister, now
From Carmel’s summit-come to share
The Lamb’s high feast, with light-crowned brow,”

Jesu, celestial choirs adore
You, Bridegroom of all virgins pure,
And wedding-songs unceasing pure
While endless ages shall endure.